Sam’s studio is wherever she sets her pack down for a break or for the night. Using oils and a pochade box she paints off the beaten path, capturing landscapes only accessible on foot or via her beloved Jeep Wrangler.

Sam is an independently taught artist and worked as a concept illustrator in scenic theming projects for companies such as Disney, Third Street Promenade Santa Monica, and Bass Pro. Now she’s taking a radical leap from the exacting requirements of concept illustration to the utter freedom of the landscape. With expressive brush- and knife-work she focuses on sharing her experience of the wild found in the deserts, mountains and rugged shorelines she calls home.

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Here’s where you can view my portfolio, read about my latest on-trail and artistic adventures, purchase a print or a painting or say hello via Facebook, on the Outbound Collective or on Instagram.

Recovering from major depression, anxiety and PTSD is an every day adventure. It’s a journey I’m not shy about discussing. On my blog you’ll find some brutally honest descriptions of what it’s like to live, explore, and create with these illnesses. That’s not all you’ll find, though! I enjoy sharing photos and art and adventures and the occasional adorable puppy photo.

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